Are You a Brand Name Offender? Consider These Alternatives

Are You a Brand Name Offender? Consider These Alternatives

Often a simple switch from a brand drug to a therapeutically appropriate generic alternative can help alleviate patient financial burden and ultimately increase medication adherence by reducing the cost of copays, decreasing the need for prior authorizations, or preventing coverage denial from insurers. Consider small changes in your prescribing habits that could potentially increase medication adherence and positively affect health outcomes in our patients.

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  • Prescription benefit plans may not cover high cost brands, generics might not be included in their formulary, or drugs could be placed in higher tiers resulting in high copays or requiring prior authorization.Providers¬†play a key role in increasing the likelihood that a patient will be adherent to their prescribed medications. In addition to evaluating specific risk factors (comorbidities, current medications, allergies, and other impairments that may warrant a specific drug selection), considering the financial impact to the patient is also an important variable that can lead to more favorable outcomes and increasing medication adherence.
  • Patients may not have a prescription drug benefit, significantly limiting their ability to access high cost medications by having to pay out of pocket.
  • Patient assistance programs are often available to help ease the financial burden, but include stringent rules for eligibility as well as limits on how long the assistance will be provided and varying patient cost shares.

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