Calls, Home Visits and Guidance to Services: Health Coaches are Making a Difference

Dana Simpson, RN Population Health Coach in Louisville, has had more than one rewarding experience with her patients and she attributes the personalized one on one follow up and relationship building with overall improved health for patients.

Recently, Simpson contacted a patient who had been in the hospital for a heart procedure, followed by a short stay in a skilled nursing facility, and then discharged home. During their first call, the patient indicated she was doing well but was concerned she had been sent home too soon.

“I assured her that she would not have been discharged if she was not capable of caring for herself, but I would be happy to come by and talk with her to better understand her concerns,” said Simpson.

“The visit went very well,” continued Simpson. “We discussed how she had been very active before her surgery, regularly exercising at a local gym, shopping and going to church. However, she did not feel sure of herself anymore, and really didn’t have a clear understanding about heart disease or her surgery.”

Simpson learned that the patient was widowed and knew the lack of socialization was taking its toll on her confidence and abilities. She suggested the patient should consider cardiac rehab, explaining how it offered physical rehab, classes on life after heart surgery and how to deal with emotions after surgery. The patient agreed and Simpson contacted the Healthy Lifestyle Center to assist with getting her enrolled.

“I’ve called numerous times since she started rehab and she has been great, feeling more confident in her life, both physically and mentally,” said Simpson. “She expressed to me she was finally getting back to her old self again.”

According to Simpson, the patient indicated her continued improvement was due in large part to the follow up and support from her new friend and health coach, and she thanked Simpson for guiding her to the cardiac rehab program.

“I told the patient would stay in touch and she could call me at any time with questions or concerns,” said Simpson. “Certainly the patient was very appreciative, but knowing that you make a difference in your patients’ lives is an equally rewarding experience for me.”

The involvement of health coaches are proving to made a difference in the long term health of patients. If you have a patient that needs support from a KentuckyOne Health Partners health coach or social worker, call 877.543.5768.