Critical Focus: Close Patient Care Gaps by Year-End

Providers, Your help is needed to close care gaps with the CHI/KentuckyOne Health Medical Plan by year-end. Thanks to you, roughly 4,000 care gaps have already been closed to date! This work represents your exceptional care to our employees and dependents. We need your help to help us reach our year-end goal. In fact, you and your staff may be among those who have not met the preventive screening metric. So along with our patients, you are encouraged to get these important screenings by Dec 31st.

If each provider simply closes just 10 care gaps by the end of the calendar year, we will meet our goal – valued at $1 million for KMG. The gaps are primarily in preventive screenings, including wellness exams, mammograms, colon screenings, pap-HPV, LDL. Additionally, there are a few diabetic measures to close, including diabetic retinal eye exams and diabetic nephropathy screenings – again for employees and dependents using the CHI/KentuckyOne Health Medical Plan.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Review your population and contact CHI/KentuckyOne Health Medical Plan employees and dependents attributed to your panel to schedule or order needed screenings.
  • ANNUAL WELLNESS EXAMS: While we realize patient appointments before year end are in short supply, we encourage providers to get as many patients scheduled as possible. Patients who cannot get an appointment with their PCP will be encouraged to get exams at express care clinics in Lexington, Louisville and London.
  • COLORECTAL SCREENINGS: This measure can be closed by conducting a FIT screen that is sent to lab for interpretation, during any visit . Colonoscopy is still an option to close the measure as well.
  • LDL: Reach out to patients to get needed screenings, as appropriate. Patients attributed to KMG PCP’s will be encouraged to visit the office for walk-in service to get these screening labs conducted. All others will be directed to the UC care centers as they have a process for ordering these screening labs as well.
  • MAMMOGRAMS: Beneficiaries are encouraged to visit anyone of the KentuckyOne Breast Imaging locations to get their free screening mammogram conducted.
  • DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY: The screening inclusive of urine protein can be conducted in the office at any visit. Attributed patients should be contacted and asked to come for a specimen collection.

Thanks for providing best practice care to all of our patients!