Do You Prescribe Statins? Need to Know Information

Of the eight cholesterol lowering statins approved by the FDA, two have remained patented until recently – rosuvastatin (Crestor) and pitavastatin (Livalo). Despite similar performance of decreasing LDL cholesterol, as compared to other statins, the price of Crestor increased 91% during 2007-2012, from $112 to $214 per prescription. During the same time, the price of comparably effective atorvastatin decreased from $127 to $26 per prescription due to the expiration of its patent in 2011. 1,2

Consider prescription cost: Studies have shown that patients who were prescribed a costly branded product rather than a more affordable generic alternative were less adherent to their regimen than those who received a similar generic drug, and ultimately had worse health outcomes. 3,4

Patients can spend an average of $2,500 annually for a brand statin, compared to about $250 for a generic. Choosing to prescribe a generic statin decreases out of pocket costs, helps prevent reaching the Part D coverage gap (donut hole) for Medicare patients, and may increase medication adherence which decreases the risk of hospitalization for an acute coronary syndrome or stroke.

The next time you prescribe a statin, consider generic options.

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