Dr. Farhan Javaid’s Focus on Diabetes Management Earns High Scores

London PCP, Dr. Farhan Javaid, with KentuckyOne Primary Care Associates, is focused on improving care for his diabetic patients. The work and outreach from his team has earned high scores in diabetes management.

“Our plan is to do a follow-up visit and an A1c every three months, even if the patient’s diabetes is controlled,” said Dr. Javaid. “As soon as a patient is diagnosed, we refer them for education. We’ve also created standing orders so our medical assistant can get an A1c on our diabetic patients every 90 days, ideally before I see them. When those patients are in the office, even for acute visits, we discuss their diabetes and get an A1c, if they are within the 90 days.”

Dr. Javaid continued, “For our patients who have uncontrolled diabetes, we are referring them for education as well as to an Endocrinologist, and following up with them even more often. We have created patient logs for tracking blood sugar and ask the patients to bring their log and glucometer to every visit. Needless to say, we provide educational handouts about diabetes to all of these patients.”

KHP RN Health Coach Teresa Lucas works directly with Dr. Javaid and his patients. She said his office has been diligent to do outreach to their diabetic patients in an effort to improve health in this part of the state that has a higher incidence of the disease. Their efforts are making a difference!