Good Health is Good Business

When CHI Saint Joseph Health Partners contracts with an employer or payer, we use our vast network of providers to keep care close to home and monitor key preventative care performance measures that improve health outcomes for your employees and their dependents. This, in turn, increases employee productivity and reduces time away from work. By our network of providers focusing on preventative rather than sick care, employers realize decreases in out of pocket spend for both the employer and the employee.

We offer a wide range of preventive, well-being and advisory services tailored to an employers' specific needs.

Taking care of employees – your most valuable resource – is often a company’s highest and most poorly managed expense. Let us put our expertise to work for you:
• Directing care to the right provider in the right setting at the right time
• Enhancing productivity and employee engagement
• Spending effectively
• Integrating health plan benefits and workers’ compensation management

Typical Healthcare Experience vs Clinically Integrated Network

While the cost of care continues to rise, CHI Saint Joseph Health Partners has five years of proven success in helping employers beat the cost curve and lower medical spend. Our results have not only benefited employers, but also state and federal governments.

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Our Strategy Works

We bring together the whole spectrum of care, including primary care providers, specialists, hospitals, ancillary services, RN health coaches, social workers and pharmacists, within the framework of a sophisticated information system. 

We deliver these components collaboratively to help your employees stay healthy and decrease the rising health care costs to your organization. Results include significant cost savings, reduced pharmacy spend, increased use of generic medications, increased preventative screenings, lower hospital length of stay and re-admissions.


Services Offered

Advisory Services

  • Benefits Design
  • Insurance Comparison/Selection
  • Management Training/Incentives

Well-being Services

  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Biometrics
  • Wellness Portal
  • Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching
  • Health Education

Medical Spend Management

  • Episodes of Care
  • Disease Management
  • Total Spend Management

Access to Services

  • On-site/Near-site Clinics
  • On-site/Near-site Pharmacy and Rehab
  • Occupational Medicine, Worker's Comp Clinical Services
  • Provider Network Access

Contract Types Offered

  • Specialized Services
  • 90-day Episodes of Care (Bundled Payments)
  • Annual Employee Health Spend Management


“Through our partnership with CHI Saint Joseph Health Partners, utilization of our clinic and compliance of our workforce, we have significantly improved the health of our employees. Since opening the clinic five years ago, we have projected over $1.4 million in healthcare savings! Additionally, we have improved our productivity and decreased absenteeism.”
4160Winston Griffin, CEO

Laurel Grocery Co.