Going the Extra Mile to Help Patient Get Care

Tracy House, LSW, Outpatient Care Coordinator in London, works with patients and medical groups across six rural counties. Tracy recently learned a patient had missed several out-of-town medical appointments because the family truck was not safe to drive; the tires were literally thread-bare. Tracy put her compassion and problem skills into action by reaching out to local businesses. As a result, she was able to arrange for new tires – enabling the patient to drive the truck to needed medical appointments.

“That is not the only time House has arranged for new tires for a family,” said Dorothy Lockhart, KHP’s Regional Director in Lexington. “Transportation can make the difference as to whether a patient receives care or not, especially in rural communities.”

Tracy continued, “We have generous local organizations that are often willing to help with needs. Something as simple as new tires can make a significant difference to a patient and their long term health.  I feel fortunate to be able to help!”