Health Coach Helps Provider “Give It One More Try”

For more than two years, Teresa Lucas, RN Population Health Coach & Orthopedic Liaison in London, KY, has been working with a patient who has multiple medical and psychological issues – including diabetes. She reached out to the patient’s primary care provider about an Endocrinology referral. Based on previous referrals and the patient’s refusal to keep the appointments, the provider was reluctant.

“I asked the provider to give it one more try,” said Lucas. “As the health coach, I was able to provide encouragement to the patient – and it worked! The patient is now seeing the Endocrinologist. And while there are still challenges, they experienced a drop in A1c from 10.7 to 9. For this patient, that is significant improvement as the A1c had been as high as 12.9.”

Lucas continued, “Even though the improvement may not seem significant to many, I have to say I’m pretty excited about this patient’s progress! And now, the patient is calling me for assistance instead of waiting for me to call.”