Health Coach Helps Reconnect Patient and PCP for Wellness Exam

RN Health Coach Sherria Robinson received a risk stratification on a patient with multiple diagnoses and a projected high medical spend for the calendar year. About two months after reaching out, Sherria finally received a call back from the patient inquiring about how KHP might be able to help.

The patient shared she has difficulty with her memory following brain surgery. She previously had a good relationship with her health insurance representative who helped her understand medical expenses and keep her bills up to date. However, that person passed away and she had not made other connections for support. The patient also had a primary care provider but was overdue for preventive care and was unsure about getting an appointment.

Sherria was able to talk with the patient about her diagnoses, including Hypertension, GERD, Hypokalemia, Allergic Rhinitis, Joint Pain and Lupus. She answered questions about insurance coverage and offered to assist her in making an appointment. Sherria also connected the patient with KHP Care Coordinator, Megan Berger, MSW for social service needs.

“During a follow up call, I learned the patient was able to receive her annual wellness exam and she was so appreciative for the help,” said Sherria. “She thanked me numerous times for reconnecting her with a PCP and for helping her get additional support services.”