IMPORTANT NOTICE: Letters Sent to Your Medicare Patients

Many of your Medicare patients are receiving a letter from KentuckyOne Health Partners encouraging them to get an Annual Wellness Exam.This letter was Medicare required correspondence as part of KHP’s transition to a Next Generation ACO. The letter, sent to all Medicare beneficiaries in our population, tells patients that you are an ACO provider connected to KHP, and about a $25 Coordinated Care Award provided by CMS for those who get the Annual Wellness Exam.

You and your office staff might receive questions from Medicare patients about the letter or $25 reward. Please feel free to direct any calls to KHP’s Patient Services phone line at 1.877.543.5768. CMS has indicated that checks will be sent directly to patients once the exam claim has been posted. Should you learn of difficulties with that reward system, please direct patients to the KHP phone¬†line. This information is also being shared with your office staff through the monthly KentuckyOne Health office manager meetings. A copy of the beneficiary letter is posted on the KHP website for your review.