Interview with Dr. Greg Anderson: 4 Things Providers Should Know About KentuckyOne Health Partners

Gregory_Anderson_MDDr. Greg Anderson described his role within KentuckyOne Health in part to bridge the communication gap between providers, administration and the organization. With that focus in mind, Dr. Anderson believes many providers don’t fully appreciate the significance of the clinically integrated network. We spent a few minutes with Dr. Anderson to talk about the value of KentuckyOne Health Partners (KHP) to providers. He shared these four things:

  1. KHP is our partner to help navigate the new value-based patient care environment.

“KentuckyOne Health Partners is one more arm of our organization, but with a unique niche of pointing providers in the direction of activities that will improve our patient care. As the entrepreneurs of healthcare reimbursement, KHP helps us better understand the value-based care environment, identifying metrics and care gaps that really do make a difference for our patients. The CMS Major Joint Replacement BPCI is a great example of improving the outcomes of patients through coordination in care, aligning provider processes, and collaboration with facilities.”

  1. KHP brings different perspective to data and measurements.

“Value-based care is a new environment for our providers. KHP provides tools that help us track our patients differently than we do in the AEHR – providing results on tests that patients get outside of our system, and a bigger picture look at data, such as mammograms and colonoscopies that allow us to make improvements in the care of our entire patient populations.”

  1. Annual Wellness Visits provide a “win/win” for patients and providers.

“The purpose of the Annual Wellness Visit isn’t just to check off a box, but to ensure that our patients are getting the best possible care. Healthy patients are sometimes confused about the importance of these exams. Similar to a 6 month dental check-up, it’s easy to think the visit isn’t necessary. However, the Annual Wellness Visit gives us an opportunity to make sure we aren’t missing any important change in a patient’s health and the added bonus of closing up to 7 care metrics. The initial focus was on Medicare patients, but this annual visit is important for all of our patients.”

  1. Working with KHP RN Health Coaches and Social Workers will bring value to your practice and patients.

“The KentuckyOne Health Partners Care Management Team offers a great benefit to patients and our provider offices. KHP’s RN Health Coaches can help us manage high risk patients, social workers can help coordinate support for patients in crisis, and their managed care pharmacist can work directly with providers or patients to help resolve medication issues. Look for the CIN tab on the AEHR or simply call the KHP patient care line at 1.877.543.5768 to see if your challenging patients are covered under their current contracts.”

Dr. Anderson is the Physician Market Leader with the KentuckyOne Health Medical Group, a Board Certified Neurologist, Certified Physician Executive (CPE) and Certified Physician Investigator (CPI). He is a graduate of Wheaton College and Mayo Medical School, having completed a Residency in Neurology and Fellowship in Electroencephalography also at Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. Prior to joining KentuckyOne Health, Dr. Anderson led and managed a neurology private practice for 25 years