“It’s Shelly from KHP calling, about your mammogram.”

It all starts with a call from Shelly Berry, KHP Population Health Assistant in Lexington. From there, KentuckyOne Health employees and dependents have a new friend that is encouraging taking a step for good health. Shelly is part of the KHP team that calls to remind employees of free preventative screenings and she has a knack for motivating people to take action.

One personal conversation was all a particular employee needed to take that step. It had been 5 or 6 years since her last mammogram and Shelly encouraged her to make the appointment. The next day, the employee stopped by the KHP office in Building D to let Shelly know she had followed through.

“I was thinking about getting a mammogram, but you gave me the push to do it!,” she told Shelly. And because the patient was not established with primary care, Shelly worked with the KHP Care Management Team to orchestrate a new patient appointment with a KMG provider.

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