KentuckyOne Health Partners is 5 Years Old!

KentuckyOne Health Partners was incorporated in June 2012. Over this short period of time, providers in the KHP network and our care management team have:
• become the largest, most successful ACO in the Commonwealth;
• contracted to manage $700 million of healthcare spending for 115,000 lives;
• improved quality scores for 4 consecutive years;
• gained Medicare approval to manage multi-site bundle programs;
• earned 5 star ACO ranking by CAPG;
• earned Advanced Alternative Payment Model status for MACRA.

Dr. James Lynch, KHP board member and primary care provider in Lexington shared, “The KHP program has exceeded expectations as we providers migrate into the new environment of value-based care contracting. The KHP provider network has already improved care and are ready for upcoming developments with MACRA and the Affordable Care Act.