KHP Helps “Donut Hole” Patient Save $8,000 in Out of Pocket Costs

Collaboration works at KHP! Dr. Thomas Coburn, RN Health Coach Adona Burress, and Outpatient Care Coordinator Shannon Nally teamed up to assist a patient in the Medicare “donut hole.” The patient’s income was too high to qualify for the federal government’s Extra Help Program, a program that helps Medicare recipients with prescription co-pays. At a local pharmacy, the cost for the two needed medications –Tradjenta and Eliquis – had risen to nearly $650 a month. The patient could no longer afford to fill the prescriptions.

Shannon reached out to the manufacturer and orchestrated financial assistance. Now, the patient is receiving 3-month supplies of both medications – an annual savings of almost $8,000 out of pocket costs for this patient.

“Needless to say, the patient was very grateful,” said Shannon.