KHP Helps Patient Get Needed Medications

When RN Health Coach Teresa Crowell was reviewing patient charts, she identified a patient who was not refilling her needed insulin prescription. At the patient’s last primary care visit, the provider documented the patient had been without insulin 4 weeks prior to the appointment. Teresa reached out and learned the patient’s out-of-pocket cost for insulin is $190 per month. The patient had refilled the prescription at the time of her physician appointment but would again be out of insulin over that coming weekend.

Teresa connected the patient to Outpatient Care Coordinator Shannon Nally who completed a quick assessment. Shannon learned that not only was the patient’s insulin $190 per month, the combined out-of-pocket cost for all of her medications were $325 per month – just over a third of her monthly income.

To address the immediate need, the KHP Care Management team reached out to the patient’s primary care provider and coordinated insulin samples for the weekend. Thankfully, the story doesn’t stop there.

Shannon is now working with the patient to apply for the Federal Extra Help Program to make all of her medications more affordable. In addition, KHP Pharmacist Carrie Schanen is also reviewing the medications to see if less costly medication options are available through the patient’s insurance.

The KHP Care Management team works diligently every day to find a solutions for patients beyond the moment of crisis. If you have high risk patients, call the KHP team at 877.543.5768 for help managing their care.