Not Just for Seniors: 4 Types of Annual Wellness Exams

Nationally recognized as the standard for high quality patient care, most payers are incentivizing providers to do more wellness exams in 2018. Annual wellness exams aren’t just for senior citizens, but for all ages.

• Annual Comprehensive Well Child Visit: Ages 3-6 years
• Annual Adolescent Well Care Visit: Ages 12-21 years
• Annual Adult Wellness/Preventive Exam: Ages 22-64 years
• Annual Wellness Visit for Medicare and Medicare Advantage: Ages 65+   *Please note the Annual Physical for 65+ is different than the Annual Wellness Visit

Assessing physical, emotional and social development is important at every stage of life, particularly with children and adolescents. Behaviors established during childhood or adolescence, such as eating habits and physical activity, often extend into adulthood. Well-care visits provide an opportunity for providers to influence health and opportunities for screenings to be performed. It’s critical to get your patients scheduled for these annual exams.