RN, Social Worker and Pharmacist Create Solutions

What do you get when a nurse, social worker and a pharmacist collaborate for patient solutions? Better Health! That’s exactly what happened for a KHP patient managed by RN Population Health Coach Misty Stallard. The patient was struggling with diabetes, in and out of the hospital for related issues, and unable to afford an insulin pump. Misty enlisted help from Sarah Evans, KHP Outpatient Care Coordinator/Social Worker, and KHP Pharmacist Carrie Schanen. Carrie investigated pharmaceutical companies that manufacture insulin pumps and Sarah got busy making calls. After some significant coordination between the patient, their endocrinologist, and a generous company, Sarah was able to get financial assistance for the pump. The patient is now managing this chronic illness and on her way to better health because of the work of an integrated, multi-disciplinary team. Call on KHP’s Care Management team for help with your high risk patients and let us work to find solutions for their better health!