Top Quartile Docs Share Secrets to Success

KHP recently sat down with Drs. Cathleen Morris and Amy Patel to learn processes they’ve put in place to achieve the highest quality performance – across the board – within the CIN. The providers shared three “secrets” key to their success.

1. Patient Checklist
“The checklist is central to the work of our entire office,” said Dr. Morris. The team uses a simple checklist for every patient visit to make sure important measures don’t fall off the radar.

2. Pre-visit Planning
Dr. Patel shared that she and Dr. Morris spend up to two hours every evening reviewing charts, planning for the next day’s patients to identify needed screenings and make sure results are documented correctly.

3. Medical Assistant Workflow
Dr. Morris said their MA’s work at the highest level of their certification. Prior to the providers pre-visit planning, the MA’s have reviewed patient charts, the checklist, and have made follow up calls to get results for tests such as retinal eye exams and mammograms.

“Reaching this point has taken lots of hard work and time,” said Dr. Morris. “Pre-visit planning, working from a check list and working with our staff at the highest level of their certification has without question been the key to our success.”

Drs. Morris and Patel achieved top quartile quality scores on all of the MIPS measures. Their checklist and processes are now being used to work with lower performing offices to improve scores.