Wellness Education Program: Meet with a Health Coach to Meet your Health Goals

Members of the CHI Medical Plan have access to many benefits to support better health, better care and better experience. One of these benefits is access to a trained RN population health coach — a registered nurse who works one-on-one with members and their families to help you understand your health. In 2019, RN population health coaches expanded their services to conducting Wellness Education Programs. As CHI Saint Joseph Health Partners continues to improve its wellness program and offerings, health coaches saw a need for engaging employees to keep them up to date.

In 2019, health coaches have been conducting classes in hospitals and primary care offices across Kentucky for CHI Saint Joseph Health employees to educate them on the many benefits that they have access to, including their free annual wellness visit and other yearly preventive screenings. The classes also highlight the Employee Diabetic Program and cost savings associated with use of in-network and out-of-network resources. By participating in a Wellness Education Program class, an employee can earn $50 toward their yearly wellness incentive and can schedule further health maintenance sessions for continued earnings. Employees can earn up to $450 per year for participating in these incentives.

Adona Burress, RN Population Health Coach, noted that “employees were very excited to get one-on-one help from an actual person. They said things like ‘I never knew about this incentive’ or ‘I’ve had trouble in the past,’ so teaching them how to overcome barriers encouraged them to try again.” As a result of participating in these classes, employees can become more familiar or be introduced to many of the services that they have access to as CHI Saint Joseph Health employees. By engaging in these benefits, employees and their families can optimize the use of the CHI Medical Plan and, ultimately, their health.

To learn more about the Wellness Education Program or your CHI Medical Plan, contact an RN Population Health Coach at 1-877-543-5679.